Champion Suisse

Une journée magique et mémorable. Nous avons ressenti sur scène des émotions rares et précieuses. Tout le monde a donné le meilleur de soi-même pour que le groupe soit le meilleur. Grâce à cet engagement sans faille nous avons été récompensés (enfin) avec la victoire (98 points) !!!

Les résultats détaillés

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Ci-dessous, les commentaires de 4barsrest :

20. Ensemble des Cuivres Euphonia (Michael Bach)


We waited a long time to be presented with authentically militaristic approach — and this was it. So much belligerent hostility mirrored by yearning loss and despair. Dynamically it was on the bold side, but there was also a great deal of contrast — and that building, menacing tempo had such an overwhelming feeling to it. A very fine reading by the MD — with a chilling harbinger of death (13 seconds of silence) to close.

4BR Editor’s thoughts and prediction…

An engaging contest — but not one that really showcased the bands at their very best. The set work was at the top end of their technical limitations but it was the ambition on show that sometimes got the better of MDs in terms of pace and dynamics.

There was one outstanding rendition for us from Ensemble de Cuivres Euphonia, which sounded a good margin ahead of the rest. Fine accounts from Emmental, Eglisau (from number 1), Regional Brass Band Bern, Rickenbach and Sursilvana could well feature as well as dark horse of BML Talents.